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Healing Duo Integrative Family Medical Practice

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If you’re looking for a holistic treatment option for persistent muscle tension or chronic pain, you may be a candidate for cupping therapy. At Healing Duo Integrative Family Medical Practice in Norwalk, Connecticut, naturopathic physicians Giovanni A. Nelson, ND, and Pamela Santapaola, ND, offer in-office cupping therapies to address a variety of health conditions. Cupping can boost your overall blood circulation and help you find relief from digestive issues and musculoskeletal pain in your neck and back. Call or book a cupping consultation online today.

Cupping Q & A

What is cupping?

Cupping originates from ancient Chinese medicine and is an alternative therapy that involves placing cups on your skin. Using a vacuum on the cups creates a suction effect, drawing your skin up inside the cup.

There are two types of cupping:

Dry cupping

Dry cupping involves using a vacuum to create the suction. Your provider may place alcohol or herbs in the cup to boost the effectiveness of your treatment.

Wet cupping - [Not offered currently]

Wet cupping follows the same procedure as dry cupping, except once the cup is removed, your provider makes small incisions in the area to draw controlled amounts of blood. This allows toxins to leave your body.

What conditions can cupping treat?

Many believe that the art of cupping balances your body's negative (yin) and positive (yang) elements to boost your immune system and decrease chronic pain.

By creating suction in the cups on your skin, the Healing Duo Integrative Family Medical Practice providers can increase blood circulation in the areas of the cups. This treatment is beneficial for:

  • Relieving muscle tension
  • Promoting cellular repair
  • Forming new blood vessels
  • Creating new connective tissues

The Healing Duo Integrative Family Medical Practice team may recommend cupping with or without acupuncture to treat digestive issues like bloating and chronic pain conditions like herniated discs and spondylosis.

What can I expect during a cupping session?

During a cupping session, your Healing Duo Integrative Family Medical Practice provider places a cup on your skin and applies an external vacuum. The cups are placed directly on your skin with the open side down. 

The vacuum brings your skin and muscle tissue up into the cup. 

The providers may place multiple cups around your body on specific pressure points and allow the cups to rest for up to 10 minutes before removing them. 

How does cupping affect my skin?

You may experience skin redness due to pressure changes in your blood vessels from the suction. You may also notice mild bruising that resolves within a few days. 

You can resume your usual activities soon after your treatment without limitations, although some people may experience dizziness or lightheadedness immediately after a cupping procedure.

To find out if cupping is suitable for you, call Healing Duo Integrative Family Medical Practice or book an appointment online today.